Active Literacy

What is Active Literacy?

Student engagement with all forms of text and forms is the goal with an active approach to literacy.    Whether traditional print , visual displays, media, or digital tools, our emphasis is on interaction between the learner and ideas.   We support seven school wide strategies given that  ALL teachers are language teachers.


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Mapping the Four Language Capacities

Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are defined and overlapping in our approach to assisting teachers develop student engagement.   We see that curriculum and instruction needs to formally integrate all four to be effective.


Linking Literacy to Improved Performance

If a student cannot read a test or directions for a performance task then they can simply not carry out the work.   We believe that professional educators need to learn to unpack assessment results and examine the key literacy components that were necessary to make meaning from the directive.


Active Literacy Across the Curriculum

by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

(Eye on Education book, 2006) 8.5 x 11 inches / 160 pages.

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