Map Editing and Feedback

Teachers_Computer_PlanReviewing, Editing, and Feedback Services:  During the process of mapping, schools have found it helpful to have CDI faculty members review maps and provide targeted feedback and coaching strategies to help teachers refine their maps to ensure the highest quality.  This coupled with Skype and/or Web Coaching Sessions can provide the foundation for designing high quality maps.

Sample of Recent Requests:

  • Reviewed unit maps in K-8 school and targeted specific units in grade clusters.  Following the review, a CDI Faculty member provided a Skype coaching session with the teachers to share specific suggestions and strategies
  • Provided a webinar session targeting two units and coached the teachers live during the web session so other staff could use the coaching questions to refine their own maps
  • Edited nine unit maps for a school so they had exemplars to use in training as they continued to work on other units with their staff
  • Modeled using a coaching protocol to refine units during a Skype coaching session