On Site PD Services

Workshops:  Our faculty is noted for  conducting   practical and engaging workshops on all topics related to curriculum design, mapping, modernizing curriculum, developing digital media, crafting essential questions, generating formative assessments, and aligning to standards (Common Core, provincial, international, state, and national).   Participants in our workshops frequently cite the active, hands-on approach that we take tailored to the needs of your specific learning setting.

on-site-picSample of recent requests:

  • two hour workshop on  elements in a curriculum map.
  • ninety minute session on how to write quality essential questions
  • two hour workshop on 21st century formative assessments

Keynotes:  Dynamic presentations employing digital and media tools are a feature of our services.  We hope to inspire and to engage participants in mission driven work that will bring out the best in our professional practice.

Examples of recent requested titles:

  • Curriculum 21: Upgrading Curriculum and Assessment
  • Leading the New Literacies: Digital, Media, Global
  • Mapping to the Core:  Integrating the CCSS to Your Local School Curriculum
  • Future Schools Now: How to Transition to a 21st Century Learning Environment

Work sessions:  A work session is a coached opportunity for teachers and administrators to develop their own curriculum maps and plans with guided feedback. Our view is that work sessions are an often neglected part of professional development.  Focused time on creating curriculum with guidance and support has proven to be one of the most beneficial forms of professional development.

Examples of recent requests:

  • Work session on individual teacher unit design aligned to the CCSS
  • Review and revision of maps to integrate contemporary digital media assessments.

Digital Media Camps:   A new and exciting service we provide are on-site digital media camps where participants learn to integrate digital tools and applications directly into their lesson plans and units.   We assist participants in learning how to create quality podcasts, videos, documentaries, and multi-media projects.   A key focus is the development of fully functional teacher web-pages as an extension of the classroom.

laptopsExample of offerings at a two day digital media camp:

  • Employing Google apps in curriculum maps
  • Designing  a teacher web-page to engage student learning and networking
  • Create new media using digital tools
  • Generating a classroom clearinghouse through student tagging

Locally Tailored Institutes:   One of our key services is working with local schools, districts, counties, and regional service centers in creating intensive two to three day institutes.   These institutes focus on your particular local initiatives and reflect workshops, work sessions, and possible keynotes.   We believe strongly that effective institutes need a coaching and consultation component.

Sample Recent Requests:

  • four day institute for a county organization on the Four Phases of Mapping
  • three day action institute for a school district on Curriculum 21 and upgrades
  • two-day institute for building and district leaders on MTTC
  • 6 day institute held throughout the year on CCSS, developing unit maps, and assessment upgrades