Seven School Wide Strategies of Active Literacy

Our work in Active Literacy follows the Seven School Wide Essential Active Literacy Strategies Heidi outlined in Active Literacy Across the Curriculum: Strategies for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening (Eye on Education, 2006) :

  • Strategy # 1– Employing Bi-Level Analysis of assessment data
  • Strategy # 2– Replacing the old way of developing vocabulary with THREE distinct approaches to words in EVERY class.
  • Strategy # 3– Elevating CREATIVE note taking and note making skills as evidence of text interaction.
  • Strategy # 4– Using essential questions as a literacy comprehension tool by making it “mental velcro” .
  • Strategy # 5– Developing a school wide consistent editing and revision policy for every class K-12.
  • Strategy # 6– Formally developing and assessing speaking skills through Discussion Types Model and speaking genre.
  • Strategy # 7– Mapping the strategies into the curriculum.

Active Literacy Across the Curriculum

by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

(Eye on Education book, 2006) 8.5 x 11 inches / 160 pages.

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