Webinars and Virtual PD

Targeted Webinar Sessions:   We encourage schools to consider targeted web sessions on specific topics as they work on mapping.  Web Sessions run in length between 50-60 minutes and focus on specific topics.  Possible topics might include:  Unwrapping the ELA Standards, Making Sense of the Standards, or Selecting the “Right” Assessment.   They can be used to introduce or reinforce a topic.  They can be done live or taped for use at a later time.  More and more leaders and leadership teams are using them to kick-off a professional development session.

webinar-imageSample of Recent Requests:

  • Provided targeted web sessions in different aspects of MTTC for a school leadership team to use as they trained staff in the MTTC process
  • Used a web session on MTTC to provide a virtual overview for your staff to set the stage for mapping
  • Used targeted web sessions to reteach and/or coach on aspects of mapping.  Recently a school had a do a web sessions on Developing Essential Questions and stepping teachers through the process of developing unit maps
  • Developed a series of web sessions for a school to support their professional development in MTTC

Virtual Coaching or Training Sessions via Skype:  Virtual coaching and/or training sessions are used to coach leaders, leadership teams, or groups of teachers on a specific topic.   They are scheduled on an hourly basis.  Perhaps you want feedback on a professional development session you have planned.  Maybe your math teachers have developed unit maps and want targeted feedback so they know they are on the right track.  Or maybe you, as a leader just want to work through your goals and want feedback to know what else you should consider.

Sample of Recent Requests:

  • Provided an overview of MTTC via Skype to Lay the Foundation for a school who was just starting the process
  • Coached a leadership team on their draft professional development plan for MTTC so they could share it with their staff
  • Conducted a brainstorming session on goal setting with a leadership team as they began to develop a plan for mapping
  • Used Master Mapping strategies to coach a social studies team on their unit maps