Curriculum Mapping: the Four Phase Development Model

The Four Critical Mapping Phases of Curriculum Development

Our professional development programs are organized around the four critical
* of quality curriculum design and mapping.

View the Four Phase Mapping Videos

Video clips in which Heidi Hayes Jacobs discusses the Four Phases of Curriculum Mapping outlined in her book with Ann Johnson.

Our PD Services pages will show you samples of the different types of workshops that faculty members have facilitated in schools, districts, and organizations for each of the mapping phases.

Laying the Foundation
Prologue for Planners, Establishing Reasons to Map, Creating a Vision for Your School
Launching the Process
Ensuring Long-Term Support, Creating Individual Maps, Initiating the Review Process,
Developing Consensus Maps, Master Mapping Strategies
Maintaining, Sustaining and Integrating
Merging Assessment Data into Maps, Integrating Literacy, Developing an Implementation
Plan/Map, Making the HUB work: Integrating Other Initiatives
Advanced Mapping Tasks
Into the Future: Updating Maps for the 21st Century

Professional Development for Curriculum Mapping: Modules and Maps for Effective Implementation (ASCD) by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Dr. Ann Johnson.