Strategic Planning Services

Developing Short and Long Term Professional Development Plan:   We provide onsite and virtual assistance in developing a comprehensive professional development plan.  This would entail working with your leadership team to clarify their goals and then coach them through the process of developing a professional development plan that includes the training needed for successful implementation.  Schools with clearly stated goals and “game plan” have found they are more focused and more productive.  This service is customized for an individual school or system and includes: onsite work with the team, virtual follow-up, and/or planning hours if needed.

strategicpicSample of Recent Requests:

  • Worked with a regional center to develop a comprehensive professional plan to support the implementation of MTTC across their region
  • Worked with a county organization to develop a multi-year plan for implementation of MTTC
  • Facilitated the development of a professional plan by a leadership team to support their school’s work in mapping
  • Coached key leaders in a state education office on the Four Phase Model for MTTC and how it could provide the structure for sustaining the work long term

Developing the Capacity to Lead:  The role of the district leaders, building principals, and teacher leaders is critical if a school is going to successfully implement the Common Core Standards into the Curriculum.  During this session, we identify the roles and responsibilities leaders play in the implementation process, clarify the vision and action steps, set realistic goals, and consider digital applications and strategies leaders can use to successfully lead the process in their school or district.  This service is customized for an individual school or system and includes: onsite training, virtual coaching, and/or targeted web sessions.

Sample of Recent Requests:

  • Conducted a training of building principals to help clarify their role in the process of MTTC
  • Trained district leaders in the process of MTTC and helped them develop action steps to begin the process in their school
  • Facilitated a leadership team in mapping their leadership structure in their school and clarifying roles and responsibilities in the MTTC process
  • Worked with building leaders to develop coaching questions and protocols that they could use to support their the implementation of MTTC in their school