Curriculum Mapping: Technology Issues and Resources


Major Software Providers:

A number of educators and educational enterprises have been developing software which facilitates computer- and network-based curriculum mapping. We will add resources as more and more come online.
ALL OF THE PROGRAMS we list are reputable. Just as we list various books and resources, we also list various technology groups, leaving it to the professionals at a school to determine what will work best for them.  Clearly many schools develop their own program independently.

Commercial Vendors:

Atlas Curriculum Mapping (Rubicon International)

Embarc Curriculum Mapping 


Curriculum Mapper (Curriculum Technology)

Curriculum Trak

Curricuplan (Seacliff Education Solutions)


Eduplanet21 UnitPlanner

Open Curriculum

SunGard K-12



Other Resources:

Digital Portfolios

This is the work of David Niguidula in Providence, RI. While not directly Curriculum Mapping, Digital Portfolios are in essence “Individual Student Maps.” Integrating student digital portfolios with mapping has been quite successful.

Newsletter Archive

Copies of past Curriculum Designers Newsletters, many of which have examples of how technology has been integrated into specific schools.

Selecting Software Solutions Powerpoint
These are the slides we use when working with individual schools and districts to develop a software selection plan. Feel free to use any of these slides to facilitate this process with your own faculty, administration, and school board members.

Technology Self Evaluation Worksheet

An easy-to-use evaluation form to use first for self-evaluation and then to facilitate discussion and consensus among leadership team members. Slides 18-21 in the Technology Powerpoint above provide talking points for completing each of the three sections of the form. A must to get all members of the leadership team “on the same page.”