BOLD MOVES for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments

This new book by Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Marie Hubley Alcock was released February 17, 2017.


What will it take to create truly contemporary learning environments that meet the demands of 21st-century society, engage learners, and produce graduates who are prepared to succeed in the world? What skills and capacities do teachers and leaders need to create and sustain such schools? What actions are necessary?

Bold Moves for Schools offers a compelling vision that answers these questions—and action steps to make the vision a reality. Looking through the lenses of three pedagogies—antiquated, classical, and contemporary—authors Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Marie Hubley Alcock examine every aspect of K–12 education, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, and the program structures of space—both physical and virtual—time, and grouping of learners and professionals. In a new job description for teachers, Jacobs and Alcock highlight and expound on the following roles:

  • self-navigating professional learner,
  • social contractor,
  • media critic and media maker,
  • innovative designer,
  • globally connected citizen, and
  • advocate for learners and learning.

With thought-provoking proposals and practical strategies for change, Bold Moves for Schools sets educators on the path to redefining their profession and creating exciting new learning environments. The challenge is unprecedented. The possibilities are unlimited.

“Want to know how to transform learning, teaching, and assessment for the innovation era? Bold Moves is a practical and comprehensive guide that will enable educators to create the classrooms and schools of the future today.”

— Tony Wagner
Author of Creating Innovators and The Global Achievement Gap.  Professor of Education, Harvard University 

“Jacobs and Alcock present a compelling vision, a powerful framework, a clear roadmap, and a host of practical tools for transforming antiquated schools into innovative learning environments. Bold Moves for Schools is for all education professionals aspiring to better serve today’s children.

— Yong Zhao
Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education, University of Kansas; and author of several books, including Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization and World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students